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Pride and Regicide

The new Mary Bennet murder mystery!

BOOKRegicide? Oh, heaven preserve us! Was it the French? They will kill us all, and make us eat strange sauces.” So says Mrs Bennet, but the king is not dead – it’s Miss King who is dead, and it looks like murder. Three years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, Mary Bennet puts her formidable mind to work to solve the case, armed only with philosophy, her best friend Cassandra Lucas, and some nifty detective techniques involving embroidery…

“Austen fans will love this book – and will find it hard to believe that it wasn’t written by Austen herself.” — Sue Barnard, award-winning writer and editor


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How To Win Writing Competitions
(and Make Money)

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How to Win Writing Competitions (and Make Money) does exactly what it says on the tin — multiple award-winning poet, short story writer, novelist and brains behind the popular Comps and Calls website Cathy Bryant explains the techniques and tricks that can be used to build-up a collection of writing awards. And aside from the actual rewards you get, including cash, winning competitions can lead to significant career opportunities. 130 page paperback. ISBN: 978-0-9565819-5-2

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Look At All The Women

A collection of poems by Cathy Bryant. From the back cover:

Look at all the women! What a waste of time / life would be without them.

Women are everywhere and doing everything – fighting the Nazis, breastfeeding babies, falling in love (or at least tripping over it), feeling embarassed, inventing new passionate positions or, in our myths, flying to the moon or singing sailors to their doom. These poems capture their voices in a variety of forms, sometimes with bite and sometimes with a gleeful grin.

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Witty, tender and sometimes outraged, Cathy Bryant’s second collection tackles the way women are treated in today’s society. Heroines are singled out; the various stages of womanhood celebrated. Bryant enjoys using rhyme to emphasise a point but is equally at home in free verse. Her work is accessible, unafraid and engaging.’  — Angela Topping, poet, literary critic and author

Cathy’s poetry does a double-take on the world, with humour and always with compassion.’ — Rosie Garland, poet, author.

Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature


Irritatingly hard to classify, Cathy Bryant’s poetry hints at what it means to be female and intelligent in the 21st century. Think Carol Ann Duffy meets Spike Milligan.

This collection of poetry showcases her incredible talent and wit. Humorous, ingenious, charming, and punchy — in equal measure — there’s never a dull moment in Cathy’s world. One moment she’s describing the disability of speaking with a middle class accent, while the next she’s berating New Age Man and his decidedly fake lifestyle. In-between you’ll find luscious fantasy, rude limericks, profound love, as well as sex, politics, and veganism.

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Cathy is the winner of several literary awards and her work has been published in magazines and books worldwide. In 2010 she co-edited the major new anthology, Best of Manchester Poets. Born in Hampshire and raised in the midlands and Lancashire, she has lived in Manchester all her adult life.


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