Cathy’s Comps and Calls


What are 'SF', 'F', ‘H’ and 'flash'?

SF stands for Science Fiction. F stands for Fantasy. H stands for horror. Flash is Flash Fiction, a short story usually under 1000 words, but do check the requirements for each individual listing before submitting.

What is 'genre' or 'speculative' fiction?

These terms usually refer to science fiction, fantasy or horror writing. Always check the individual listing, though.

Why haven't I got published yet?

Do you proof your work carefully? Are you editing it for clichés? Have you workshopped it at your local writers group? Do you send each piece out time and time again until it is accepted? Do you try to keep at least ten pieces out seeking publication at any time? Have you asked successful writers what the problem may be - and listened to their advice with good grace, even if you don't agree with it? Do you edit your work carefully and prune it to its essence?

If you do all that and still don't get published, it's a miracle. But if you do all that and persevere, then it's unlikely that you'll continue to be unpublished, in my opinion.

I have a comp/submission call for you. Where do I send details?

Does it charge a fee? Does it require postal entry? Does it require a public vote in order to win? If any of those are the case then I don't want it. But if it's free and easy to enter/submit, then thank you! Please check that it isn't on the calendar already, and then send it to

There won't be any kind of credit, I'm afraid, as I get sent details from large numbers of people and often submissions are listed on several listings sites, or newsletters that I receive. But thank you for helping to make this a more useful resource for writers.


Visit the listings page, then pick what you want to look at: competitions, calls for submission (this is when a magazine editor or a publisher is actively looking for the work of writers) or both. Then browse through and pick some to look at. Check them thoroughly yourself. I suggest then copying and pasting the ones that interest you most into a document of your own, and then using that doc as a prompt list or work schedule for the coming month. Check back once or twice during the month to see if any more have been added. Always make a note of what you have sent where, to keep track. Good luck, and please let me know of any successes on


These listings are compiled by me, one person, and I am fallible. Please check all links carefully yourself, as I am simply passing these on in good faith (and I also make mistakes).


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