About Comps and Calls

Comps and Calls was founded in February 2014 (click here to view the old site) and is compiled by Cathy Bryant.

Tired of being expected to buy litmags and pay submission fees just to have your work considered? Can’t afford to pay hefty writing competition fees? Don’t have time to rally thousands of Facetwit followers to vote for your story or poem? Then spend some time here, browsing my listings of free-to-enter writing competitions and calls for submission, all of which can be entered online and not via post/mail!

The listings are updated on the first of every month, with the odd top-up in between. Please read the FAQs first, as all your questions about the site and the terms used are likely to be answered there.

How to use this site

Visit the listings page, then pick what you want to look at: competitions, calls for submission (this is when a magazine editor or a publisher is actively looking for the work of writers) or both. Then browse through and pick some to look at. Check them thoroughly yourself. I suggest then copying and pasting the ones that interest you most into a document of your own, and then using that doc as a prompt list or work schedule for the coming month. Check back once or twice during the month to see if any more have been added. Always make a note of what you have sent where, to keep track. Good luck, and please let me know of any successes.


These listings are compiled by me, one person, and I am fallible. Please check all links carefully yourself, as I am simply passing these on in good faith (and I also make mistakes).


  1. Dear Cathy;

    Thank you for linking to defenestrationism.net. We’ve received almost 170 hits since you posted, less than 24 hours ago!

    Is there a way we can contact you, when our two annual contests open for submission?

    Yours, Paul-Newell Reaves
    owner and co-editor, defenestrationism.net

    • For some reason this message didn’t get to me, Laura. I do apologise. I hope it’s better four years late than never… anyway, you can sign up to the monthly alert on the comp page. Again, I’m terribly sorry.

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