Sponsorship opportunities

your-message-hereWe’re once again looking for a sponsor for the next month Comps and Calls update (September 2016). If you’re interested please email k@keirthomas.com. Sponsorship costs much less than you might think and is an ideal way of selling your product or service to thousands of keen creative writers. Click here for more details of what you get.

Quote code SEPT2016 in your email and you’ll get a 10% discount on our standard rate!

Mini-update: moongarlic e-zine

Deadline 31st Aug ‘moongarlic is an E-zine for short verse, art, word sculptures, photographs, propaganda, for the unwanted, the crazy, the lonely, the good, the bad, the psycho-tropically challenged, the loaded, the clean, the dirty, the hair washers, the head shavers, the fakers, the shakers, the laminated takers . . ‘ http://www.moongarlic.org/p/subs.html

Mini-update: Come As You Are

31st Aug ‘We’re looking for poetry, micro and flash fiction, flash essay (lyric essay especially), and hybrid works of no more than 750 words. We want to read personal stories, tributes, critique, idol worship, comedy and tragedy. We want you to dig deep into what pop culture did for you, to you, and with you in the 1990s. Whether your biggest fandom was Pokemon or Nirvana, Salt-N-Pepa or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boyz II Men or the X-Files, we want to read what you have to say.’ PAYING https://eljpublications.com/submit/anthologies/come-as-you-are/